Why Entrepreneurs Should Believe in Magic

I have always loved fantasy books and movies,

because I have always loved fairy tales.

When I was a kid I used to paint on t-shirts and fabric. I used to paint fairies. Therefore my parents started to give me many presents on topic: books about fairies and legends, flower crowns, dream catchers, decorative witches, small elves and goblins. My granma even sowed for me an elfish dress.

Obviously, when I found out that ABC produced a series about fairy tales I couldn’t resist to watch it.

I have to be honest: last week I spent several hours watching Once Upon A Time. Let me be honest twice: I loved it.

The reason I love fairy tales is because I believe in magic, in a way. Actually, when I was 15 I wrote a letter to Harry Potter, asking him to help our world to face corruption and misery… but that’s another story.

However, yes, I do believe in magic.

But what is magic?

Once Upon A Time shows it clearly: it’s LOVE. Love is the most powerful spell.

Since I moved to London I have considered all the recent presents I received from my parents and my siblings as talismans, because they are the symbol of their love. Lately my sister gave me a watch that is not a watch. I mean, it is, indeed, but it looks like a bracelet (well, I have secretly told myself that it was a magic bracelet).

About 2 months ago I volunteered for the Startup Weekend at WeWork in Southbank, London. It is not the first time I volunteer for them: I already blogged about it.

On that Saturday night I lost my magic watch.

At the beginning I didn’t even realise it. During the evening I was playing a game with the Startup Weekend staff, when Zee asked me if I had a watch.

At that moment I realised that I didn’t.

My first thought was that I would have never find it, because it was too small. I went on a hunt, already thinking that I would have never seen my bracelet again. It was just a watch, but I felt lost without it.

Everybody wanted to help me, uselessly: the bracelet disappeared.

The last chance was that it ended up into the bins. There were about 10 bin bags in a corner, about to be taken away in a couple of hours. I decided to try to see if I could find my watch there, even if I was perfectly aware that it was an impossible challenge: that evening we all ate noodles, and the noodles were stored in brown boxes. My bracelet was of the same colour, it was literally like tilting at windmills.

After opening 6 bags, I was giving up. The staff was ready to leave the place, but a friend, Xavi, told me to try the last one. I opened it without any hope, seriously.

And there it was, inside one of the noodle boxes.

That was really magic, and it was magic because it was love.

Love made me looking for my bracelet for so long and being so stubborn in my quest: it represented my sister’s love. And it was my friend Xavi’s love that gave me the strength to not give up.

I know: it’s just a bracelet. Or just a watch, depending on the point of view.

Nevertheless, to me

it represents everything an entrepreneur should count on:

friends, family and himself.

Friends and family might be there to economically help you, but ultimately they are there to support you when you lose your wings, as Violet Fairy’s sisters. They are there to protect you, like Flora, Fauna and Merryweather with Aurora. They are there to help you to reach your goals, like the Fairy Godmother. And, ultimately, they are there to forgive your mistakes and give you second chances, in order for you to be the person you wish to be and to build your own path, like the Blue Fairy did with Pinocchio.

And you, the entrepreneur, you are there

to feel their love to be confident in yourself,

and to be your own hero.

That’s why every entrepreneur should know that he’ll never succeed alone.

Of course he has strength and power in himself, but to discover it he needs magic, he needs love.


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