The irresistible power of Creativity

I have to tell the truth: during the last months I suffered from hyperphagia. Hyperphagia is defined as an increased appetite for consumption of food. In my case it was not pathological, it just happened because I was not satisfied at all.

I came in London to study.

Since September 2012 I am attending my MA Creative Economy at Kingston University. I really loved and I still love it. It is exactly what I was looking for to further my career. And it is not only a wonderful MA, it opens my mind.

I have also been working full-time hours at a restaurant since September 2012. London is, unfortunately, quite an expensive city, so I was working to sustain myself throughout my studies. This however meant that I had to sacrifice time which I should have been dedicated to course work. Whilst my marks are satisfactory, I do not wish to settle. I want to do well, and aim higher than ‘ok’. I am convinced now, more than ever before, that MACE was the right choice, and the sacrifices I have had to make to be here are definitely worth it.

During the last few months I have felt rather so frustrated that I have begun to suffer from hyperphagia. I could bake and then eat 2 cakes in the same evening. I got drunk with cheap cider at home many times, just because I was frustrated and I wanted more time to study, to work on my projects. I could never go out because my life was solely focused on my work and my studies. The last six months really were quite difficult.

Whilst I have tried to reduce my workload at the restaurant, I still felt choked. My creativity was dwindling and my energy levels were not surprisingly quite low.

So I’ve finally plucked up the courage to part with a job I enjoy so much, to dedicate more time to my studies….which is why I came to London in the first place.

Moreover, that was not a creative job. I was a waitress: I could have
been creative at it, but at the end of the day I only had to speak with customers, try to be polite, friendly, try to sell, and try to provide a good service, and a good cleaning at the closing time.

Whilst I had the occasional chance to inject a doze of creativity, the opportunities were unfortunately quite limited. I need to be able to change, to create, to see the things from other perspectives. And, you could well understand, in a restaurant that’s not possible.

Today, the day I quit the job, I came home. And I made a challenge with myself. I bought 2 small bottles of beer, trying to see if I still would feel necessary to fill myself with food while not doing what I have to do.

I did it. I mean, instead of wasting the little time I have, I worked on my Leadership project, and started to actually do it. And I didn’t eat.

Creativity. Creativity is a great mate. Creativity could whisper you just few words, and then to your soul, your heart and your mind. Creativity could really save you.

So give me some creative projects to do, and I will be happy. Moreover, I will be loyal to you. And you will be happy, too.


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