Creativity lies in a children’s playground

If you are thinking this is a blog post for nannies, you should be wrong.


Otherwhise, perhaps you should not: creativity could improve every kind of job.

At this point you might be confuse. As a conseguence, it is necessary to define what creavity means for me.

I am from Brescia, a small city between Milan, Bergamo and Verona, in the North of Italy. In the Italian language, “to create” is translated as “creare”. I studied Ancient Greek and Latin at my High School, and I can remember that “κραίνω” meant “realizing”, and the Sansckrit root “KAR-“, which is the same of “crescere” “to grow”, meant litterally “the Creator”. I remember that this meaning surprised me. I have always connect the word “create” with some artistic, intellectual and abstracted behaviour before, while I found  it was related to an action, “realize”.

Two weeks ago it happened something which had the same weird effect to me.

I was at my 48 hours workshop for the Induction for my MA in Film Making & the Creative Economy. Me and my team, as a startup, were managing to design a mobile application for smart phones. It was headed for movie lovers and social media followers.

We were actually very busy- working, trying to follow all the steps of the analysis, from the target to the assumptions, to the design of the paper prototype, to the business model, and I really enjoyed and found it very interesting, useful and precious for my future.

When we had a break Janet, one of my team- members, shown us a children’s playground she helped a friend to build in her Country, Malta. They made everything for free, just to give to the children a new place to enjoy together instead staying alone at home playing with their computers. The area was on the beach and it was full of simple but beautiful attractions. There was also a colourful Hopscotch: that was the element which made me thinking more.

A beach is a beach, and the town already had it. A playground is a playground, and I am pretty sure there were at least one already in the town. Every child could already enjoy both of them. Every child could already go there and play with his friends. Rationally the community of the town did not need to build a playground on the beach. But it was created, and now the children could see the beach in a new way, with new attractions, also by rediscover an old game like Hopscotch. And I am pretty sure as well that they are going to use it.

During the Induction Eewei Chen (@ultraman), Design Director at BskyB and workshop guru, told us a lot of times that we had to be focused on our Jeff, our “Persona”, that we should fix its characteristics and its behaviours. We live in a world which is always calling for our work. The Users of our apps could be everywhere. As a conseguence there could be billions of different apps we could design. Otherwise the secret of their success should be to find some fields in which apparently there is no need of us, just because those fields do not exist yet. The secret of the creative thinking is to see the invisible but important needs of people. To look at what’s below.


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